delivers results for members

Tourism Noosa is consistently looking at new ways to add value to members and to improve on existing operations. In today’s market, consumer behaviour is forever changing and so marketing application are constantly evolving to meet customer expectations.

The recent launch of TN’s website was founded on the strategic premise of providing customers what they wanted – a rich collection of informative inspiration for their next trip to Noosa.

Using data and analytics, the decision to remove the direct bookings for accommodation was adopted to allow for this change. We have been monitoring website user behaviour and performance diligently since its go-live in August and we have found the website to deliver on this primary purpose.

However, one of our key metrics of performance is direct visits to members' websites through a “book now and save” button, which replaced the direct booking widget system. This means we’re not driving traffic as strongly to members as we had anticipated, resulting in lower accommodation booking conversions.

If we’re true to delivering on our promise to add value to members, then facilitating a website that has the functionality users need to convert is imperative. We want to deliver on both ‘awareness’ and ‘action’ phases.

With the support of additional counsel and member feedback, TN will be working to implement a new booking widget to complement and support the existing website structure. We will essentially revert back to the previous 11% booking commission structure which is significantly less than any online travel agency and you will only pay for converted traffic.

The great news is we will have a website that delivers both rich content that people love to read plus higher conversion from direct bookings that will ensure we minimise risk of losing visitors when people leave the site. Essentially, we will be able to deliver better results for members this way.

The website will continue to undergo iterations to reach optimum performance and user experience criteria, both in the short and long term. We encourage our amazing TN members to do the same – constantly monitor your traffic and see how people use your site and optimise accordingly to provide both best experience and commercial outcomes.

For any queries or concerns, please reach out to Sonia Shillington, Head of Marketing.