Events going zero waste

Events in Noosa are taking the next step in sustainability by reducing their waste, with the recent Wild Women Tri-Adventure being the first zero waste event in Noosa.
Jan and Kim from Tri-Adventure, who started the first all-female adventure races in Australia, had a light impact and sustainable event as their goal from the outset which fit perfectly with their event based around navigating and exploring the local Noosa environment.

Check out the video of this event
, thanks to videographer Isabela Rangel #isarangel.

Reduced-waste partying

The success of the Wild Women Adventure Race inspired the Tourism Noosa team who decided to try their hand at a zero-waste party for this year's members' Christmas party. We are proud to say that the Laneway Village People Christmas party held in Noosa Junction was an outstanding success, with 98.6% of the waste being composted or recycled!

Our Events Sustainability Officer Amanda Pummer and Chad Buxton from Plastic Free Noosa are working with Tourism Noosa sponsored events to reduce waste.

If you want to find out more about reducing waste in your business or at home, Plastic Free Noosa has plenty of great information.

Install solar - find out how!

Tourism Noosa invites you to a FREE Solar for Strata Masterclass on 18 February 2020.

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This masterclass, held in conjunction with Zero Emissions Noosa and industry experts, will:

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