Playing an important role in driving holiday inspiration and audience engagement, Tourism Noosa's social media channels focus on sharing quality content and providing a diverse mix of experiences to connect with a growing following.

Members are encouraged to follow our various platforms and share content with your own audience to amplify the destination Noosa message.

Facebook.com/visitnoosa: Following of 58,000 (Nov 2021)
Instagram.com/visitnoosa: Following of 119,000 (Nov 2021)
Twitter.com/noosa Following of 12,500

Hashtag and link #visitnoosa, @visitnoosa, so we can share your images.

Tourism Noosa membership is based on financial year. You will automatically receive an invoice at the end of every financial year for membership renewal.

Tourism Noosa has two different newsletters that are regularly sent to members and consumers:

Noosa: Sent to our national and international database of about 23,000 people, with information on Noosa experiences, events etc to entice people to book a Noosa holiday. Published monthly. Keep a lookout for marketing opportunities to be featured in this newsletter during campaigns.

The Noosa Edition: Our weekly newsletter to members with news and updates from us about current and upcoming programs, marketing, training, media and other opportunities for members. There's also news for members from other tourism industry organisations, and news of members' achievements.

Members can also be featured in The Noosa Edition through Member Connect which highlights news from our Member Connect page. You can submit your article about your latest offers, invitations, announcements etc for free.

We also publish This Week in Noosa with details of what’s on for visitors who are in town this week, and we encourage you to share it with your guests. It's updated on our website each week, is shared through our Tourism Noosa Facebook page for members and the industry and is available for visitors at the Visitor Information Centre.

The 1-page document is also designed for accommodation to print for their guests. If you have an event or activity you'd like to let visitors know about, please email [email protected]

Tourism Noosa hosts monthly networking events which are a great opportunity for members to get together and network. Networking nights and breakfasts usually take place on the last Wednesday of each month at different member venues throughout the region.

Tourism Noosa's visiting journalists program invites suitable domestic and international journalists to experience and cover the wide range of activities on offer in Noosa, from beach and river to hinterland options.

As part part of the visiting journalist program, Tourism Noosa seeks support from members to assist with providing accommodation and unique experiences for targeted media as part of their familiarisation of the region. We encourage members to let us know if they have unique experiences that are media worthy, or a new product or experience.

Tourism Noosa generates tens of millions of dollars in media value through newspapers, magazines, television and online coverage each year.