Additional Suggestions to Government - 18/03/2020

Tourism Noosa is wholeheartedly committed to assisting our industry during covid-19 and its recovery. Outside of the local industry relations we perform with members and stakeholders is our engagement with State and National bodies to support our region and business continuity.

Please see the list of key actions that Tourism Noosa has sent through to the Queensland Tourism Minister, Kate Jones and our local MP Sandy Bolton that we feel would help with cash flow for tourism businesses immediately. Can you please advise if you have anything else that is affecting you that could assist now or in the future.

We understand the issue is immediate and your input is welcomed.

  1. Freezing of all interest repayments on business loans and commercial property loans by any entity (for up to a 3-month period) for small business with turnover under 5 million. (This gives relief to companies on their capital loans or loans on commercial premises leased back to businesses effectively enabling businesses to freeze their own rents an reallocate funds to wages keeping employees working.)
  2. Immediate removal of payroll tax for 12 months so businesses are encouraged to keep people employed.
  3. Scraping of any payable company taxes for the next quarter and deferred payment for the following quarter so taxes can go to wages rather than employees ending up on unemployment which will cost government far more per individual.
  4. As threat eases, $500 voucher incentives for Australian people to travel domestically to aid in recovery (voucher system not redeemable for cash and only redeemable at tourism and hospitality venues)
  5. Waiver GST for accommodation, restaurants and tourism activities for 12 months
  6. Raise the Tax-free Threshold for employees after June so they can afford to live under shorter working weeks
  7. Removing excise on primary needs such as petrol electricity would help