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Rainbow Beach

Welcome To

Rainbow Beach

What to Expect

About an hour north of Noosa is Rainbow Beach, a beautiful beachside town surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Nestled between Noosa North Shore, the Pacific Ocean, Great Sandy National Park and Fraser Island, it’s a hidden treasure of natural beauty spots.

Follow the breathtaking coastline where ancient sand dunes tower above the beach, offering some of the best coastal views in Australia.

Why we love it

See the Coloured Sands, ancient cliff faces made up of an incredible 72 different shades of earthy tones.

Beautiful marine, wildlife and birds are abundant including whales (from May to October), dolphins, rays, brahminy and whistling kites. Also plenty of beautiful nature walking tracks.

Don’t miss this

Climb Carlo Sand Blow, just outside the Rainbow Beach township, is a 15ha mass of wind-blown sand that’s 500,000 years old. It almost feels like you’re walking on the moon or across a dessert but you’re right on the ocean’s edge. It’s about 130m high and overlooks the Coloured Sands and the coastline from Double Island Point to Inskip Point and Fraser Island.

Getting there

Access Rainbow Beach from Noosa by road or by 4 wheel drive along the Great Beach Drive from Noosa North Shore. Just head north along the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, past Teewah Village, Double Island Point and the Coloured Sands. Drive yourself or join a guided tour from Noosa.

Things to do

Extend your Noosa holiday with a visit to Rainbow Beach. There’s accommodation from budget hostels and beach camping to resorts with panoramic ocean views.

Take on the Cooloola Great Walk – an amazing 88km 5-day trek from Noosa to Rainbow Beach along beaches, lakes and dunes, and through rainforest, eucalypt forests and plains. Take the vehicular ferry from nearby Inskip Point to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

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