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Your old phone could save a life

Hot 91 has partnered with local charity DV Safe Phone in a three-week campaign to bring awareness and action to a cause which repurposes unused mobile phones to victims of domestic violence.

Along with campaign partners Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, Heritage Bank and Caloundra Shopping Centre, Hot 91 is asking locals to dig deep into the back of cupboards and draws to retrieve unused phones which can be then tested and reset and given to victims of domestic violence in Australia, through registered domestic violence and law enforcement agencies.

Founder of DV Safe Phone Ashton Wood said that domestic violence has peaked through Covid 19, with many victims trapped at home with their violent partners.

“The mobile phone is one of the first items to be smashed or taken away during domestic violence, leaving the victim with no way to call for help,” he added.

Members of the public wanting to support the campaign can drop their unused phones to Caloundra Shopping Centre, Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, any Heritage Bank branch, Hot 91 reception and different events to be held across the campaign.

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