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Women's Health Seminar - How to lose weight during menopause

My name is Jacinta and I am a leading fitness industry expert and Hormonal Health Consultant. I work with people from all age brackets however over the last number of years I have identified that there is a large gap in the market specialising in Women over 40 wanting to achieve their individual fitness and wellness goals. If you need guidance and support with keeping fit, wanting to feel good about yourself, staying healthy and getting control of your hormones especially during Menopause then I can help you. I am originally from Victoria and have over 20 years’ experience working in the Health, Fitness and Well being Industry predominately with Women. Having personally experienced the roller coaster part of my life of Menopause and not able to satisfyingly experience any quality, caring support I decided to do something about it and train to specialise in this so important part of women lives. I work alongside women that may be just starting out or are going through Menopause so that they can feel a lot better about themselves, gain control of their life back again, losing the belly fat, avoid further weight gain and take back control of their Hormones through my ‘Hormonal Health Support Program’. I am about to undertake my first Seminar on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday September 26th at Surfair in Marcoola which will also coincide with the Launch of my ‘Hormonal Health Support Program’. Here are some figures that will blow your mind, based on 2018 Statistics there are 4,902,116 Women who identified as ‘suffering’ menopausal symptoms in Australia. What will also blow your mind is that some of those Women will be ‘suffering’ alone, in silence or have no idea what is going on with their bodies. So with a specialised team approach I would like to provide Women on the Sunshine Coast an opportunity to gain some insight, pick up some tools and ideas, advice and support in relation to how they can navigate through the hidden secrets to support them through Menopause. This is exactly what the Seminar on September 26th will be introducing and I am very excited to be launching this new Program. I will be presenting at the Seminar together with Lyn Miller who is an expert in this field on all of those signs, symptoms and presentations Women have been putting up for years or are just coming to realise. This collaborative approach will bring back quality of life, build strength and confidence in how to lose that belly fat, manage those hot flushes, itchy skin, mood swings and how to start living their life again. This Seminar will support these Women, give them tools to work towards improving self-image, their sex life, energy levels, bone density and total quality of health and wellbeing through a holistic approach. Conducting the seminar will raise community awareness reducing that stigma or tabu label this topic is quite often associated with. Conducting the seminar will raise community awareness reducing that stigma or tabu label this topic is quite often associated with. Each participant will be given the opportunity that if they would like to continue with further guidance and support I will provide them with a 5 step approach to a 8 week ‘Hormonal Health Support Program’. For the majority of Women in our community whether in paid employment or working in their homes, this is a very stressful time in their life and by providing them with simple techniques, ideas and information this will improve their well being, give them the tools to function not just exist but live life in a much more productive, happy and positive way. For some, Menopause can so be debilitating that they become very isolated so this Seminar will also provide an avenue to share with Women going through the same or similar things that it may give a natural opportunity for social beginnings to develop so that our sisterhood strengthens and deepens. We look forward to seeing you at our first event at Surfair Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast - for tickets please book at

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