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Wildlife exhibitions at Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre

This March and April, Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre has two new exhibitions, Tia Carrigan’s much anticipated solo show; ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ and the ‘Did U Know’ group exhibition about South East Queensland wildlife.

The two shows bring together artists whose work is known nationally and internationally with experience in a variety of genre and media including painters, potters, and sculptors.

The Foyer and Creamery exhibition space will be filled with artworks of South East Queensland wildlife, the big, the small, the vulnerable, the endangered and the extinct, as part of the ‘Did U Know’ exhibition. The exhibition draws light on how animals play an essential part in the ecology of everyday life.

Alicia Sharples, Cooroy Butter Factory Gallery coordinator says: "The quality of the artwork anticipated to be on display is fantastic with a strong animal focus. The animal art in Did U Know, will also help bring conservation awareness to the wider community."

Tia Carrigan’s exhibition ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ will be on display in the Butterbox.

Large artworks with vibrant birdlife and vivid colours will explore the theme of ‘the stories we tell ourselves’. Tia elaborates on the concept around inner dialogues as exploring the "…tales we convince ourselves that we belong to and myths that we embrace to stop us from being the best version of ourselves."

Her gorgeously bright imagery evokes a sense of passion and requires an emotional response, as the artworks beg the viewer to assess their own stories.

The exhibitions open on Friday 26 March. The gallery, at 11a Maple Street, Cooroy, is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm (closed public holidays).


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