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Wheelie bin Hire for Events - save 15% off your hire total

Bin Boss Noosa now provides 240 litre wheelie bins for events, functions, weddings, parties and much, much more. They deliver the wheelie bins to your event and take away the rubbish so you don't have to worry about it.

Mention this article and receive 15% off your hire total.

They also take wheelie bins out for collection on rubbish day and return them once emptied for holiday type accommodation, so your guests can enjoy their holiday without having to worry about when rubbish day is (and they empty the wheelie bins if guests are checking in that day and the wheelie bins are full, so they have empty bins for their arrival).

They also provide emptying and cleaning of wheelie bins and rubbish removal throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Feel free to contact Bin Boss Noosa for more information.


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