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Visit Noosa’s first hand hygiene pop-up store this week

'Bees are tiny warriors saving the world by visiting one flower at a time’ - Bindi Irwin, Australia Zoo.

Every purchase of Bee A Clean Bee Hand Sanitiser supports bees, by building new native bee hives. Visit Noosa’s first hand hygiene pop-up store this week, at 57 Hasting Street (beside the Seed store), to see and experience the latest hand hygiene technology innovation from sustainable hand sanitiser solutions, temperature checking tools, eco-water station technologies and more.

Director of Be A Clean Bee Pty Ltd, Sylva Pechackova said: 'Your reputation is important to us. Hand sanitiser has become a new brand extension, being the first and last thing people touch with your brand experience. So it must be excellent every time.

'Be A Clean Bee is an official hand hygiene supplier of the Melbourne City Council, McDonalds, The Pharmacy and leading private schools. The fact that Queensland is currently a "safeheaven" from COVID19 means that we need to stay vigilant and take a proactive approach in managing it. Our local experienced team wants to work with you to tailor a creative, sustainable and flexible solution which is cost-effective for your businesses while protecting our community during these uncertain times.'

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