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Village Vibes Easter Success

Village Vibes wants to thank all Noosa businesses that have registered with us so far. We are proud to have signed the 38th business, big and small. It feels great to be part of the Noosa business community and we had great conversations with other Tourism Noosa members about their Easter advertising strategies.

With around 4000 visitors to the Village Vibes website as of today, we can see that the concept works and attracts a lot of attention. And this is only week four of our launch!

A big thank you to Anna and the many volunteers who were very busy handing out the free Village Vibes tote bags at the Visitor Information Centre. Our scooter was well looked after there.

Hop on the success of the Village Vibes website and take advantage of the free advertising until the end of April/May and the hectic Easter holidays. CLICK HERE to join our Village.

Happy Easter to you all,

Your Village Vibes team


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