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The Ohana Group introduces Venu, an exclusive private dining and creative space

Introducing Venu, The Ohana Group’s premier private dining and creative space. Reserved exclusively for you and your guests, the Chef’s Table and Mezzanine are perfect for hosting a private and discreet dining experience or private function.

The creative space is the perfect setting as your food and production studio, creative collaboration or pop-up event.

The exclusiveness of Venu is unlike anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast. Its non-descript location in an industrial estate provides the perfect setting for hosting guests who require discretion, while being only 15 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport and 20 minutes to Noosa.

The Ohana Team are well practised at hosting clients among some of the most influential and well-known circles.

Rest assured, your guests will enjoy a memorable and superior food experience at Venu.


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