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Disability support service and charity Sunshine Butterflies is taking a huge step in their mission to improve the lives of those living with disability and their families. They are expanding their existing 5-acre ‘Our Backyard’ property in Cooroibah on to the 10-acre property next door.

Our Backyard is a 5-acre community facility set in the Noosa countryside that provides the space to deliver a range of programs, support services and activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Due to the high demand for Sunshine Butterflies services and facilities, the disability support service and charity has now outgrown their space.

“By purchasing the 10-acre property next door it’s going to help us expand all our services, all our support including our recreational and educational programs and activities," founder and CEO Leanne Walsh said. "One of the key things we will be providing is small-scale, residential supported homes for those living with disability on the Sunshine Coast.”

With the extra 10 acres next door, Sunshine Butterflies will be able to:

  • Expand their programs, services and activities to support more people living with disability and their families
  • Expand their unique and inclusive facility to welcome more of the community to enjoy Our Backyard
  • Create 13 small-scale, residential supported homes for people living with disability

“There is actually no true affordable housing available for people with disability, so for Sunshine Butterflies to be able to provide this to our families is really quite life-changing,” said Leanne.

Sunshine Butterflies have just released a fundraising video campaign featuring Leanne Walsh, ambassadors Jimmy and Tam (winners of The Block 2020) and their team of builders, town planners and architects who have been by their side since the beginning.

The campaign calls to the community to help them raise $500,000 to make this dream a reality.

The charity said it will be especially beneficial for the most vulnerable members of the community who are also suffering from the current housing crisis.

“As a mum of a child with disability, it is really important for us to know moving forward that our child is going to safe, secure and supported,” Leanne said.

Building designer Peter Taylor from Taylor’d Distinction said the development “will be on a small scale and very much in touch with nature and the beautiful surroundings of the Noosa countryside”.

Town planner Rusell Green of RG Strategic said: “There’ll be nothing else like it on the Sunshine Coast, if in Queensland, and so as always Sunshine Butterflies are going to be at the forefront of delivering to the community."

Ambassadors Jimmy and Tam are blown away by the ‘amazing space’.

“You can just feel the love straight away when you walk through the gates of ‘Our Backyard’. This expansion is going to change lives,” they said.

Sunshine Butterflies is taking the next step to expand ‘Our Backyard’, but they cannot do it without your help! Donate via the link below.

Pictured: Sunshine Butterflies members and staff with Jimmy and Tam, Russell Green, Doug Reynolds, Peter Taylor and CEO/Founder Leanne Walsh at their new 10-acre property.