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Hello and welcome to the home of Salt Air Aviation, Noosa’s only “locally based” helicopter company.

We are locals who absolutely love where we live and believe the only way to truly see the natural beauty of our landscape is from the air. Salt Air was born from our passion for the beach, surf, ocean, wildlife, nature, exploring, travel, and love for the sky. Collectively we have been in the air for the past 12 years and our passion and vision for the aviation industry and absolute admiration of where we live is what led us to start this business.

Creating a company that shows integrity, respect and professionalism in every aspect of business is our genuine goal and we hope to inspire the next generation as we move into the new age.

A little about the owners:

Morgan’s love of helicopters started early when he received a joy flight for his 13th birthday. From there he set his sights on making aviation his career, and by the age of 16, became (unofficially) Australia’s youngest pilot to go solo. Morgan has spent most of his flying career in the Northern Territory, gathering up the skill and knowledge he needed to create his own operation here on the Sunshine Coast. Morgan also writes, maintains and teaches aviation theory for Pilot Practice Exams.

By sheer coincidence Bel (also from the Sunshine Coast) was also running an operation in the Northern Territory, out of the stunning Litchfield National Park.

Bel’s love of aviation sparked from a passion for adventure. Travelling the world, Bel gained skills through different jobs (including being a fire fighter) before deciding to call aviation home. Flying around Australia on a helicopter safari is what pushed her to gain her commercial helicopter licence. Most of Bel’s flying career has also been in the Northern Territory.

Combined we are highly experienced tourism operators, working to build a reputable brand layered with local business partnerships, coastal and hinterland landscapes, surf culture and adventure.

We want our customers to have the most valuable experience possible. Together we strive to make this a possibility.


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