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OceanSense Freediving - new PADI and SSI freediving school

OceanSense Freediving is coming to Noosa as of March 2021. They'll be teaming up with Noosas Oceanrider to bring you Noosa's first PADI and SSI Freediving School.

Matt and Gonzalo from OceanSense have been working in the diving industry amongst large operations for around five years. The creation of OceanSense was born out of the desire to establish a different experience and offer personal tuition to those wanting to discover free-diving.

"We lower our instructor-to-student ratios from the standard 1:8 to 1:4, ensuring that every student is given the most attention to fully master the skills needed to pass and become a safe and confident free-diver," they said.

OceanSense is expanding to Noosa following a high level of interest over the past six months. They currently operate in Mooloolaba.

They offer:

  • PADI and SSI 2-day free-diving course
  • 1-day discover free-diving course
  • Half-day free-diving trips for certified free-divers

What is free-diving?

Free-diving is the term used for Breath Hold Diving. For thousands of years free-diving has been engrained in our history and human culture by means of hunting for food or in search of treasure. It is the most natural way to explore the underwater world.

In the 1950s, the sport of free-diving was born and is now the fastest-growing recreational activity in the world.

The PADI Free-diver course is designed to take anyone, from any level of experience, and make them a confident, safe and skilled free-diver. Over the 2 days, you will take a journey not just into the ocean, but into yourself.

PADI free-diver course – You will learn techniques to relax your mind and body, extend your breath holds and dive deeper on one breath.

Day 1

  • 2-hour theory session covering the history, physics, physiology and safety of free-diving
  • A breath and meditation workshop giving you the tools to fully relax and focus the mind
  • A pool skills session covering static apnea, dynamic apnea, rescue scenarios and the fundamental free-diving skills.

Day 2

  • Ocean depth session at Noosa’s Jew Shoal Reef up to 15m of depth
  • Ocean exploration session to practise and refine your free-diving skiils.

On completion you will be a certified PADI free-diver!

Discover free-diving – designed to take your first step into discovering what free-diving is all about!

1 Day

  • Introduction to the safety, equalisation, physiology and fundamentals of free-diving
  • Introduction to free-diving skills to allow you to comfortably dive up to 5m of depth
  • Exploration dive on Noosa’s local reef.

Certified free-diving trips – Already a free-diver? These trips will take you into the ocean to practise, explore and meet other free-divers! Half a day trip.

As members of Visit Noosa, we will be offering a 10% discount on any of our products and discounts on group bookings. We will be holding open evenings in the next couple of months where we will be giving presentations on free-diving and its benefits to everyday life.

We are excited to begin our Noosa adventure and cannot wait to share with all the members of Noosa this amazing sport. If this sounds like something any of you would like to know more about or have someone you think might be interested, let us know!


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