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Learn how to create your own book

There are plenty of great courses to tell you how to write a story. But what do you do with it after you have written it?

How do you hold your own beautifully crafted book in your own hands without ending up with a garage full of unsold books or selling some and only making $1 per copy?

What if you only want 10 books, or 50 or 500?

How do you turn your story from a twinkle in your eye to flying off the bookshelves in their hundreds?

Fizzi and Lili, author and artist of the “Karla the Noosa Koala” series, launched 18 months ago but now with more than 4000 copies sold, have joined with their production maestro, Sean, to present a course on creating your own book, at Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort in Hastings Street.


The first two courses will be held on Thursday 23 September or Sunday 26 September, from 9am to 12.30pm. There will be detailed presentations from Fizzi and Sean, input from Lili and plenty of time for you to share your dreams for your story.

For full details and to register to attend a workshop, see contact details below.


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