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LANDSCAPE, WILD, FEMININE, SENSUAL: 7 female artists, 2 exhibitions

This May and June, the Butter Factory Arts Centre has two group exhibitions: The Creamery and Foyer exhibition, ‘Let’s Play Wild’ by Laura Vecmane and Ketakii Jewson-Brown; and the Butterbox group exhibition, ‘Landscape as Muse’ by five female Fraser Coast artists.

The two shows collectively showcase seven female artists who are uniquely responding to their natural environment, delving into themes of ‘wild’ and ‘landscape’. The artworks are responses to the artists' natural surrounds through a variety of 2D work, mixed media and sculpture.

Gallery coordinator and curator, Alicia Sharples says: "As humans we are not separable from our environment or the influence it has on us. The two new upcoming exhibitions by female artists explores different themes of nature's influence on our human experience, one where the influence over the artists creative practise is not always discernible"

‘Let’s Play Wild’ is a collaborative art project (supported by RADF) between two emerging, Maleny based artists, Ketakii Jewson-Brown and Laura Vecmane, which will be on display in the Creamery and Foyer of the Butter Factory. The two artists explore themes of playfulness and wildness in its many facets; the diverse roles of the feminine, the surrounding environment, and the many sensual experiences of daily life. Laura Vecmane is both a painter and ephemeral artist working with natural materials. Ketakii is a photographer and multi-media artist who will present both photographic and collaged artwork that will sit alongside Laura’s to create a dynamic exhibition which will inspire the viewer’s imagination!

The Butterbox group exhibition, ‘Landscape as Muse’ features five female artists from the Fraser Coast; Ann Brown, Kerry Harrison, Wendy Talbot, Sheena Walsh, Jo Williams. The artists explore the theme of ‘Landscape’ as a word for topographies, environments, outlooks, views, perspectives, vistas, aspects. The landscape, like people with different views, has expressions, various perspectives and different environments. But has a sense of place that draws people to it. The group show will feature two dimensional and three dimensional artworks in a variety of media and style.


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