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Now that lockdown and isolation regulations are easing so we can drive within Queensland, it’s time to start promoting your business to the frustrated people in the country who are busting to take a break away from home.

People are starting to plan now where they can travel within the drive area, what accommodation to book and which places and attractions to visit.

The two most important customer groups to target are (1) your current and previous customers and (2) most importantly, the group of people who are very much interested in what you have to offer.

A survey found that people who have your brochure in hand when they search online will look at your product first and make their booking directly or by phone.

Queensland Holiday Brochures distributes your brochures to a high volume of outlets between Rockhampton and Warwick where tourists and travellers gather and pass through.

To my current clients, your brochures have been on display in 23 fuel stops and a number of coffee takeaway outlets throughout South West Queensland which includes Darling Downs and Brisbane Valley. During the total shutdown period, these outlets were open to service the locals.

We know that the past few months have been extremely difficult for every one of us - that’s why we want to help share the pain with a once-off offer.

For new and existing clients, Queensland Holiday Brochure Distribution will offer a 20% COVID-19 discount for the next 6 months on invoices paid by the due date. This offer expires on 31 December 2020.

We are as keen as you are to get the travel and tourism business moving.

Hope to see you soon.

Neil Costello


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