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Does your Wifi offer secure casting for in-room streaming services? Time Out Internet's does!

Time Out Internet - Noosa based. 100% Australian owned and operated - 10 years specialising in guest wifi!

The benefits to you and your guests staying at the complex with an 'at-home' guest wifi system in place, are:

  • Better signal strength throughout the rooms
  • A secure home network in each unit - no login screen needs to be used in the units - easy to connect once with each device
  • Easy, secure connectivity of smart TVs, gaming devices, casting devices and any wifi device. Easy connectivity of Foxtel streaming.
  • Secure casting for in-room streaming services - bring your own devices and content/subscriptions and use the wifi to connect - do what you do at home, at the complex.
  • Unlimited data and faster bandwidth for streaming.

If you don't have a smart TV, a casting device can be plugged into the HDMI port on the TV which turns it into a smart TV so you get more longevity from non-smart TVs. Replace when it dies, but you don't have to upgrade until then.

7-day support for you and your guests from an Australian-based service.


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