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Come and explore the Rainbrella Project at The Ginger Factory

Explore The Rainbrella Project at The Ginger Factory, an art installation consisting of hundreds of rainbow umbrellas, nestled in the rainforest gardens. The installation is a collaboration between local artist, Sophy Blake and The Ginger Factory.

The artwork explores the theme of hope and new beginnings. Historically rainbows are known as a symbol of hope; a symbol that despite the darkness, storms or tribulations of life, a rainbow can appear, evoking a feeling of peace.

With each colour signifying an expression of hope, rainbows bring the promise that the troubles of today will come to pass. It is our hope that being the first artwork of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, the installation brings joy, happiness and peace to all who journey through the colourful paths of the Rainbrella Project.

The project includes almost 1000 rainbow umbrellas, suspended in the rainforest, symbolising all the positive emotions the rainbow embodies and celebrating coming together as a community.

This is a completely FREE art installation that can be enjoyed by all who visit The Ginger Factory, open 9am - 5pm every day. Come and explore the gardens and their new colourful canopy.


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